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                                                                              COMPOSITION: Small-leaved Codonopsis, Astragalus Huanchi, Japanese
                                                                         gastrointestinal tract and normalize intestinal motility. Helps replenish
                                                                       help to strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the
                                                                                          strengthens the essence of jing. The medical cure strengthens the immune
                                                                     The ingredients of natural origin which are part of the concentrate,
                                                                                      According to TCM: it heals the spleen, strengthens qi, replenishes
                                                                                        the middle jiao, harmonizes the stomach, replenishes the kidneys,
                                                         NEW                    Ophiopogon, Rhizome of large-headed Atractylodes, Chinese Yam, Chinese
                                                                           calcium reserves in the body, strengthen bones and tendons.
                                                                                  Magnolia vine, Coconut Poria, Date, Ural Licorice root.

                                                                                              background of food stagnation. system, eliminates the abnormal rise in the qi of the stomach against the

                                                                          Soft drink concentrate  10 SACHETS   OF 5 G  PARTNERS AND CLIENTS   POINTS  PRICE    4,21  12,44 €

                                                                      Jian Gu     HEALTHY BONES  CUSTOMER   PRICE  17,41 €
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