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effect, tone up the body. It possesses tonic, adaptogenic and
                                                                    cine These natural ingredients have a tonic and harmonizing
                                                                                    COMPOSITION: Apis mellifera L., Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.,
                                                                          cal performance. It normalizes low blood pressure, improves
                                                                 sidered one of the most popular in traditional Chinese medi-
                                                                        immunostimulating properties, increases mental and physi-
                                                                            memory and mental function, increases concentration, the
                                                                               body’s resistance to stress, unfavorable environmental fac-
                                                               The combination of royal jelly with real ginseng root is con-
                                                                                 tors, especially to cold, strengthens the nervous system.

                                                                                              According to TCM: adds and strengthens yuan qi, nourishes  the spleen, lungs, gives birth to fluids, stops thirst, soothes

                                                                                      Apis cerana fabricius.

                                                                                              the spirit.

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                                                                    Oral liquid  ROYAL JELLY WITH GINSENG  CUSTOMER   PRICE  15,86 €

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