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                            Complex for men «Men’s Health»: «Bu Shen» pills, Shen Shi Tong Extract, Rong Shuan Oral liquid, «Xiao Yao» pills, «Qi» pills,
                                                Complex «Strong Heart»: «Vitapulse» Oral liquid, pills «Hu Gang», «Xin an bao» Oral liquid, hawthorn troches, «Vitavaz» pills,
                                          watermelon lozenges, candles for the prevention and treatment of influenza, Qing Re Du Oral Liquid, candles to increase the
                       Complex for weight loss «Ideal silhouette»: Shen Shi Tong Extract, «Rong shuan» Oral liquid, «Qi» pills, «Xiao shi bao» Oral
                 Complex for improving the genitourinary system «Healthy Kidneys»: Shen Shi Tong Extract, «Xin An Bao» Oral liquid, «Liu
                                                        troches, candles that improve appetite and normalize digestion, Si Ni San Extract, Shen Ling Bai Zhu Keli Extract, «Qi» pills,
                                                              Liver Support Complex «Liver Calm»: Rong Shuan Oral liquid, Candles that Improve Appetite and Normalize Digestion,
                                  Complex for the prevention of osteoporosis «Strong Bones»: White Phoenix pills, Liu Wei pills, Huanghe pearl powder,
                                                      Complex for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract «Comfortable digestion»: Wen Dan Tan Extract, hawthorn
                                                                Hawthorn Troches, Wei Ta Ming Wang Oral liquid, Zang Ya Wan Pills, Xiao Yao Pills, Xin an bao Oral liquid, Hu Gan pills.
                                        Complex for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases «Strong Immunity»: Shuang Hua Bao Oral liquid, «Sanjin»

                               «Jing Cai» men’s pads, «Hu Gang» pills, Liu Wei pills, Laoli Oral liquid, Xin An Bao Oral liquid.

                                                                            ect. THE WU-SIN STAR. The color indicates the organs on which the  YIN is a «cold» remedy, it is suitable for conditions accompanied
                                                                           medicine has a predominant eff  by high fever.  hypothermia. YANG-YIN is a harmonizing medicine.
                                                                                     YANG is a «hot» medicine, it is advisable to use in case of

                         liquid , «Wei ta ming wang» Oral liquid («Tsar vitamin»).

                                      hawthorn troches, Jian Gu soft drink concentrate. body’s resistance, «Hu Gang»n pills, Ke Ling Oral liquid, Yinqiao Silver Feather Pills.
                   Wei» pills, «Bu Shen» pills.   «Liu Wei» pills.  Xiao shi bao Oral liquid.
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