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                     and cosmetics                                          gymnastics      and mass sports

                            The mission of the Li West Corporation is to bring health and well-being to people,
                            to promote spiritual growth, based on the values of Eastern philosophy,
                            which is implemented in all areas of the ecosystem.

                            On the pages of this catalog you will  nd cosmetics and products
                            of traditional Chinese medicine:

                             •   natural — contains only natural ingredients;

                             •   e ective — proven by scienti c research and time
                                 (some recipes are hundreds and thousands of years old!);

                             •   safe — con rmed by international quality certi cates.

                            Products that have undergone anti-doping certi cation are marked
                            in the catalog with a special symbol «A =».
                                                   Enjoy life, focus on your plans —
                                              Li West will help you take care of your health!
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