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                    Laojun Oral liquid contains over a dozen natural
                             diseases, improves physical and mental perfor-
                           tive effect, increases the body’s resistance to
                        liquid has an immunoregulating and restora-
                      ingredients. Due to their properties this oral
                               mance. Slows down the aging process.  It has a strengthening effect, increases physical     It tones, strengthens the body, heals wounds    ammatory agent. Laojun Oral liquid is recommended as  eleutheroside, an existing source of fl  COMPOSITION: Water, honey, extracts of  the root of the Astragalus membranous, root  and rhizome of the Acanthopanax prickly  (ele

                                    EFFECT:  activity and operability.  and is an anti-infl  yin and yang are empty.

                                          Bestseller                                 12 VIALS   OF 10 ML  POINTS  13,93

                                                                         Laojun   Oral liquid ELIXIR OF YOUTH AND LONGEVITY  PARTNERS AND CLIENTS  CUSTOMER   PRICE    PRICE  41,13 €  57,58 €

                         A RECIPE   OVER   1000 YEARS
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